This Is How We Wear It-Trancoso

     I don't know how I haven't written a This is how we wear it  on Trancoso yet. These are my absolute favorite sandal from GE. When we were at Retro on Roscoe I saw how fast they were moving and how many ways women who were purchasing them wore them and I knew that Trancoso was going to be my next pair. Since I have had them I've worn them everywhere, anywhere and in many different ways. 

     I wore them with a dress for our photo shoot. The buttons at the top of my dress looked like wood, so the brown sandal made them stand out a bit more which I loved.

    If you remember, I also wore them when I went camping last month!

    I love wearing Trancoso with earthy tones, it gives your outfit a bit of simplicity. More than anything I love the comfort you get from the little wedge. Wearing thin sandals all summer can cause some aches in your back and feet, so being able to wear these and feel completely comfortable the whole time is AMAZING.



How do you wear Trancoso?

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