This Is How We Wear It-Maceio


   Feliz Domingo! I hope you're as excited about this months This is how we wear it as I am. I'm excited for this months because well, sneakers. 

     I used to be a total tomboy when I was little, I have a school picture of me just wearing a plain pink t-shirt, and my face was a little messy and my hair definitely needed to be brushed. In my defense the picture was taken after lunch and recess. I wore converse and sneakers all the time. Now look at me, writing a fashion blog that focuses on beautiful women's shoes, talk about a come up!

    Well, Gabriela Ephrem made a pair of shoes that makes my heart happy and makes wearing sneakers on a daily basis acceptable (not that I do, but maybe I should). 

     This is how we wear Maceio.

     Since it is more of a blush tone than pink, I've been able to mix it up a lot. They've been my brunch go to. I wore them all Sunday for Roscoe fest so they are comfortable for a day of standing and walking. 


How would you wear them? or our other shoes?
Comment below! We'd love some more ideas for the next This Is How We Wear It


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