This Is How We Wear It

    In I Will Wear Them Here, I Will Wear Them There, I Will Wear Them Everywhere, I talked about how comfortable and stylish our shoes are. Wearing them this summer gave me the chance to test them out. As comfortable and beautiful as they were, you know we always have a favorite. Parents, grandparents and teachers, you know we do!

    When Gabriela Ephrem showed me her shoes I thought pretty, shiny, ooo leather, and then I saw GOLD. I am a gold lover, no, not digger, LOVER. Not anything over the top, just a sweet little accent piece. I’m usually wearing a gold necklace or bracelet or sunglasses and glasses with gold on them.

    So when Gabriela pulled out Rio De Janeiro, I NEEDED them. When I first got them I went straight to my closet and tried to see what I could mix them up with and I was actually pretty surprised by how much I could.

This is how we wear Rio De Janeiro.


How would you wear them? or our other shoes?

Comment below! We'd love some more ideas for the next This Is How We Wear It.


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