Retro on Roscoe




     I know we missed Estilo Domingo, but we have a good excuse. This weekend we got to be a part of one of my favorite neighborhood festivals, Retro on Roscoe. Since I was a kiddo, my dad used to take my sister and I to what we’ve always called “Roscoe Fest” and we would get our faces painted and attempt to pop balloons with darts. When we decided to partner up with Lumen Optical and have a tent at this fest I was SO excited.

     Since I was little I’ve gone maybe every other year, ate food I regretted, bought things I didn’t need, but always had a great time, and now we were a part of it.

   We had a great time, we met so many people, loved up so many dogs and the best part, we didn’t regret all of the food we ate.

    It was also amazing for our clients and new familia to witness our very own mompreneur in action. Yes, Gabriela was putting her little boy to sleep while meeting new clients, talking about her brand and making friends. GO GABRIELA!

    We appreciate the love and support we received from everyone who stopped by our tent. Thank you to everyone who wished us good luck and congratulated us, and for signing up to our newsletter and following us on Instagram. You are now a part of our familia and our journey. 

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