I Will Wear Them Here, I Will Wear Them There, I Will Wear Them Everywhere


    Being new to Gabriela Ephrem, I needed to make sure that I loved the brand I was representing. How can I tell women that these shoes are worth buying and wearing if I didn’t know it myself? Do they make your toes hurt after a couple of hours? Do I need to wear a band aid on my ankles? I didn’t know. So, I packed up a few pairs and brought them with me on vacation in West Palm Beach, Florida. All I can say is, after 4 days of wearing Recife, Juquei, Ribeirão Preto and Rio De Janeiro, they passed my comfort tests.

(Wearing Rio De Janeiro) 

    They’ve been with me everywhere: on the plane, mini-golfing, at the pool, on wine tours, nice nights out, everywhere! Today’s estilo (style) was taken at a little strip out in Jupiter, Florida. My boyfriend and I were interested in trying out a new brewery and ended up at Civil Society Brewery and we LOVED it! And after a few 4oz glasses and 12oz glasses, we really really loved it.

    The following morning we went to the beach. After being under the hot sun for a couple of hours we decided to look for a place to have lunch and found our new favorite spot. Little Moirs Food Shack! We walked in and the place was crowded. They had only been open for about an hour or two so my first initial thought was that it had to be good. Then, I see this license plate and think that it’s meant to be!

The food was AMAZING and the atmosphere was perfect. I’ll definitely be back for another Costa Rican Lunch Dish before heading back home!


    Of all of the places I’ve been to so far, the shoes have passed my test. They aren’t only comfortable but the perfect accessory. I don’t like to wear jewelry too much so this is exactly what I needed. No band aids necessary. 




I did a short segment on WGN Midday News on how to pick the perfect pair of sunglasses!

(Wearing Ribeirao Preto)

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