How Not To Pack For A Weekend

Attention! If you have not read I Thought I Was a Minimalist, we recommend doing so before proceeding.


    If you have already read it, you know that I am not the best when it comes to packing, it can be a one/two night stay anywhere and I am packing for about five days. Yes, five. Whoever said "less is more" doesn't know Melissa Medina. I would love to be one of those people who firmly believe that less IS more but right now I'm working on it and tried it out this weekend. 

    My boyfriend and I went to Rhode Island this weekend and stayed with some friends of his. Our plans were the following


  • Arrive at 1am
  • Sleep
  • Get some sightseeing done
  • Go to breweries
  • Eat


  • Drive to Foxborough, MA
  • Tailgate
  • Watch the Patriots vs. Carolina Panthers
  • Drive back to RI and relax


    Based off of our schedule you would think I told myself "Melissa, take a pair of sneakers, jeans, two shirts and a sweater, maybe a thin jacket". Here's what I actually told myself "Melissa you need 4 shirts, 2 jackets, 4 pairs of shoes (booties, sneakers, gym shoes and sandals), a pair of yoga pants, jeans, 2 hats and a jersey". Let me just say that I am pretty proud of myself. I squeezed everything into a carry-on! This was a major improvement, last year we went to Boston for a weekend and I packed (and filled) my luggage that I believe is about 27". SO, I'm hoping that by next trip I will do better. In the meantime, what are your tips and tricks to packing light? A girl can use some help!


Here are some pictures from our trip!

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