How I Met a Real Mompreneur


                                                    (Rio De Janeiro) 


     Last week Gabriela Ephrem walked into the optical I work at with her adorable little boy and sweet mother. Before leaving she spoke to the doctor about bringing in shoes from her brand for us to take a look, my favorite things she said were “There’s no obligation! Just take a look” and “What’s your shoe size?”. We spent a short amount of time trying on shoes, mainly because the doctor and I were already set on which ones we absolutely needed to start with (that’s right, start with) but also because we weren’t being pushed to try on more and more. With that she gained two clients who would stick with her.

    She then sat with us and gave us a little bit of her background. How she started her brand, that she is a full-time mom and wife and how her little boy loves “Despacito” but it has to be the Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee version because he needs the “AYEEEE” in the beginning. After talking to her and laughing hysterically, I realized that I needed to work with this woman. So, I reached out to her, emailed her and one week later I am here sharing how great she is.

     Again, I’ve only known her for a week, but from listening to her on conference calls, watching how she works and the way she carries herself as well as seeing how she balances her business and being a mom and wife, I’m pretty sure mompreneur became a thing when Gabriela Ephrem started her brand.

                                                    (Gabriela wearing Sao Paulo)

    Gabriela is someone you automatically love within 10 seconds of meeting her. She genuinely cares about people and making sure that her work will inspire women all over the globe to take the chance, have faith and make their dreams come true. From selling thousands of sandals with interchangeable fabrics in Brazil within months to now working towards making Gabriela Ephrem a known brand in the US, there isn’t a thing she can’t do. And we are all fortunate enough to follow her on this journey.   


(Left to right: Dr.Petkovic wearing Brasilia, Gabriela wearing Salvador)

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