Chocolate & Champagne

       Some of you may have seen us post a flyer on Facebook and Instagram that we were going to be a part of Chocolate and Champagne for a Cause. I was so sad to have missed it! It looked like everyone had an amazing time!

There was a fashion show, and the ladies looked STUNNING! I loved the shoes by the way ;)

    I wish I had been there, lucky for me, Gabriela took so many pictures and videos aaand those only made me feel worse because not only did it look so fun, but more than anything, I was upset that I didn’t know more about the organization it was supporting.

    Chicago Lights is an organization that provides opportunities for our city’s children, teens and adults who face the challenges of poverty. They have so many amazing programs available such as tutoring, a dance academy, and a social service center. Their work empowers and educates and it should not go unnoticed. So we thank you Chicago Lights for everything you do. We are so happy to have gotten to be a part of this event. I hope we can work together again soon!


                                 Today we have FIVE beauties for our Sunday Estilo!

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