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We believe all women should never sacrifice comfort for style.

- Gabriela Ephrem

Our Brand

We are an American shoe brand founded in 2016 by Gabriela Ephrem, a Brazilian entrepreneur passionate about supporting women's unique styles.

It all started in 2014 with a change in Gabriela’s own lifestyle from leading business meetings in high heels to wearing flip flops and changing diapers as a mom. At that moment, she realized that her shoes were not as versatile and comfortable as they needed to be. She set out to create functional footwear that encourages creativity and freedom of choice in every aspect of life.


Today, our commitment to empowering women and caring for the environment is woven into the core business practices of Gabriela Ephrem. Inspired by the  colors, textures, joy and unique energy of Brazilian culture, the Gabriela Ephrem brand celebrates the vibrancy of women. We use genuine and certified leather as the main raw material in our products.

“To build a strong brand, you also need a network of strong women! The entire team, from design to marketing, is made up of women. We strive to employ female professionals from diverse fields, leaning on each other to grow and empower others through the art of fashion.”




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Our core values


We create bonds and do not give up our identity.


We live in the present, but we do not forget our origin and care about our impact on tomorrow.


We are plural, we speak to all styles and flow with the time.


We help women find themselves amidst so many current discourses by supporting initiatives or creating inspiring and mutually helpful spaces.

Our products 


Our production, made with genuine leather and certified by LWG, comes entirely from Brazil. What inspires us is the joy, the tropical spirit, the nature and the good energies of the Brazilian people; characteristics that are translated into high quality footwear. We believe that each shoe should be practical and versatile to inspire confidence and creativity in every woman’s lifestyle.

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